Fans of The 942 Series

Would you like to be kept up-to-date on the latest developments in 'The 942 Series'? Would you like to have access to short stories, swag, and other series-related goodies that the general public does not?

I see you hesitating as you contemplate adding more spam to your inbox. Don't worry, I only plan to publish quarterly. You're also worried that I'll sell your info to the highest bidder, aren't you? Rest assured, this list is private. Finally, why do I ask for your age and birthday? You'll note they're not mandatory fields - you can ignore them. I have two reasons for including the queries, neither of which are sinister:
  1. To get an idea of the age range of my demographic.
  2. To send you a card on your Birthday.

If after all that you answered 'YES', then this mailing list is for you. Please send me the following details.
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